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The Shroud of Turin

This event was held on:
April 11, 2019
Rev. Seán Loomis

On Thursday evening, around 130 people gathered to listen to the miraculous and complex history behind the Shroud of Turin presented by Massimo. We were privileged to have a local expert on the Shroud come and share the fruits of over 30 years experience.

Massimo carefully detailed the historical background surrounding the shroud and the significant modifications, either through restoration, markings left by scientific studies, or tragedy. Coming to understand the shroud as it is seen today, Massimo unpacked the various anomalies associated with the markings on the shroud to which science offers no explanation.

We are grateful to Massimo and his wife for presenting the truly miraculous story behind the Shroud of Turin and for blessing us with his own life-size replica of the Shroud so we can see and appreciate more clearly this great treasure in the Church's heritage.

Look below for some photos!

Attendees watch closely as Massimo shows the significance of the Shroud's context in salvation history
Massimo identifies key areas of the shroud

Attendees enjoyed some home baked treats
People and families of all ages came to learn more why so many believe the Shroud of Turin to be the very burial cloth of Jesus Christ

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