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Fall Social Postponed

Dear A.B.V.M Family, I'm sorry to say we'll have to post-pone the Fall Social this year, here's why...

Back in the Spring, after much Covid fatigue, we thought people would enjoy an opportunity to get out, be among familiar faces, and have an evening filled with good weather, food, music, and conversation. The pandemic has kept us apart, some more than others, and a desire for an event to come together surfaced from parishioners. What better way than a seasonal party like the Fall Social, right? Delicious pig roast, festive outdoor seating under a tent with strung lights, tasty beer, yummy desserts and guaranteed good times. Unsurprisingly, people expressed a lot of interest, and a lot of work was done to make it happen (a special thanks here to the Steinmetz family).

What did surprise us, however, was the amount of conflicts arising from backed up events in the community postponed previously due to the pandemic. The same narrative came to our invitations: "I have a conflict, an event postponed from last year is happening this month."

To make the event worthwhile and cost effective (tent, dj, caterer...etc.), our target was 100 guests. Unfortunately, we won't make that number.

For all of you who bought tickets, thank you for doing that early to help us assess reasonable expectations. Those who registered online, your money will be refunded to the card used on Cheddar Up. For those of you who registered in the office, we will of course reimburse. Please contact Celie Adams for assistance.

I'm sorry for the sad news on this beautiful Monday. We hope to try again next year!

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