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Assignment Changes!

Dear Parishioners,

Today Archbishop Perez announced priest personal changes throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for pastors and administrators. Effective Monday, June 20th, I will be reassigned to St. Mary’s, Schwenksville. Fr. Loomis has been assigned to Annunciation BVM as Parish Administrator for one year with the
expectation of being named pastor next year. It is the policy of the Archdiocese to assign priests without prior experience as pastors as administrators for one year before being name pastor.

It has been a great pleasure and an honor to serve here at Annunciation these past nine years. While it is a challenging time for me personally, I am sure this new assignment will come with many blessings. On Saturday, June 18th, after the Vigil Mass, we will have a parish social to say farewell. More information will be forthcoming.

Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers for all of you and your families. I ask that you pray for me and Fr. Loomis as we both take on new responsibilities in the service of the Church.

May God bless you!

Fr. Cox

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